Amplified Square Wave Speed Sensor

Inside this technical information you can read explanation around signal, speed, housing, sensor, resistor, pin, supply voltage, and cable. The technical information contains explanation like voltage, current, high output current, cable lengths, steel, material, magnetic speed sensors, and output signal.

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Lots of discussion regarding supply, stainless steel, range, minimum output signal, low output impedance, output, internal resistor, and stainless are explained in the technical information. Here are some excerpt from this technical information:

Combination of a VRS Sensor with a built-in amplifier changing the alternating current into a square wave (on-off) output with the passing of a ferrous metal gear or slot. Powered by your control unit or instrumentation, the sensor provides constant amplitude pulses at very low surface speeds and operates at much larger air-gap settings, with high output current and a very low output impedance.

Giving more content, this technical information contains information things like internal, load, output impedance, power supply, magnetic speed, power, sensors supply, and speed sensors.

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