LLS05-A Linear Light Sensor-Datasheet

This datasheet gives the reader discussion such as linear light sensor, sensor, and threshold. Inside this datasheet the reader can learn things such as response, and circuit.

lls05 a linear light sensor datasheet page1 5981494 LLS05 A Linear Light Sensor Datasheet lls05 a linear light sensor datasheet page2 5981494 LLS05 A Linear Light Sensor Datasheet lls05 a linear light sensor datasheet page3 5981494 LLS05 A Linear Light Sensor Datasheet

There are lots of info like light, light sensor, and spectral response are explained in the datasheet. The following are excerpted from the datasheet:

This circuit show the LLS05-A in an Automatic Night Light . The Lamp current is switched by a sensitive gate SCR. The Igate (Type) of the SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier) should be less than 10uA. When the light is above threshold, current flows between the VDD and VOUT pins of the IC which diverts current away from the gate of the SCR. The light switching threshold can be adjusted by choosing different values for R2 and R3.

Furthermore, this datasheet explains more about linear light sensor, and temperature range.

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