Tutorial About Detecting Oxygen Sensor Faults and Dealing with Them

The tutorial contains info related to bosch oxygen sensors, quality, and sensor. Lots of info about the oxygen sensor, sensors, and oxygen sensors are described inside this tutorial.

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In this tutorial you can read info about discoloration, oxygen, and oxygen sensor. Here are selected from the tutorial:

Detecting oxygen sensor faults and dealing with them Check and replace at suggested intervals Here’s how to detect faulty oxygen sensors – Oxygen sensors are important engine components indispensable for reliable engine function and correct emission values. But the perfect functioning of oxygen sensors can be jeopardized by many factors: f Environmental influences, such as salt and dirt f Large temperature fluctuations f Poor-quality fuel f Soot and oil residuesin the exhaust gas State of oxygen sensor: Greenish, grainy discoloration State of oxygen sensor: Blackened, with oily contamination State of oxygen sensor: Dark brown discoloration Possible cause: Antifreeze has escaped and entered the combustion chamber.

Giving more content, the tutorial contains information such as engine, and discoloration state.

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