010C Wind Speed Sensor Datasheet

The datasheet gives you information regarding speed sensor, wind, characteristics, and wind speed. Inside the datasheet we can learn description like speed, range, and signal.

Many info about pulsed output signal, response, and output signal are explained inside this datasheet. Here are grabbed from this datasheet:

Wind Speed Sensor 010C The Model 010C Wind Speed Sensor provides accurate and detailed information on horizontal wind velocity. 2/21/2000 Specifications 010C Performance Characteristics Maximum Operating Range: Starting Speed: Calibrated Range: Accuracy: Temperature Range: Response: 0 – 125 mph (0 – 60 m/s) 0.5 mph (0.22 m/s) 0 – 100 mph (0-50 m/s) ±1% (0.15 mph) -50°C to +65°C Distant constant less than 5 ft* of flow * The distance travelled by the air after a sharp edged gust has occurred for the anemometer rate to reach 63% of the new speed.

Furthermore, this datasheet contains information such as sensor, calibrated range, and wind speed sensor.

Download 010C Wind Speed Sensor Datasheet pdf
File size: 0.026 MB, number of pages: 4, download server: ppmcompany.com
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