2 Year Oxygen Sensor Installation and Callibration-Technical Note

The technical note presents things like oxygen, calibration, and new oxygen sensor. In the technical note the reader can get description regarding oxygen sensors, and sensors.

Many explanation regarding sensor, and oxygen sensor are described in the technical note. The following are some excerpt from this technical note:

Technical Note TN-155 rev 2 wh.03-02 2-Year Oxygen Sensor Installation & Calibration “Diagnostic Mode” during the startup sequence to indicate that the instrument is being operated in this special mode. Because the output of the new sensor is different than the one-year sensors we have used in the past, the following procedure must be used when installing and calibrating a two-year oxygen sensor for the first time. The following table lists these values for new sensors: Identifying Sensors Two-year rated oxygen sensors for multi-gas instruments are part no.

Giving more content, the technical note contains discussion about the instrument housing, and instrument.

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