4-20mA Temperature Sensor – Heat-Timer® Corporation

This installation manual presents discussion around cable, timer, stainless steel, operating temperature range, temperature sensor manual, wiring, and operating temperature. There are lots of explanation around temperature range, range, temperature, signal, heat, connector, and sensor manual are explained inside the installation manual.

Inside this installation manual you can read explanation such as wires, timer controls, temperature sensor, voltage, sensor probe, heat timer, and terminal. Here are some excerpt from the installation manual:

This 4-20mA Temperature Sensor is constructed from 316L Stainless Steel. It is designed to connect to many of the Heat-Timer heating controls. All Heat-Timer controls capable of communicating to the 4-20mA Temperature Sensor provide the necessary power sourcing for the sensor signal. Heat-Timer configures the 4-20mA Temperature Sensors temperature range to the application requirement. Make sure to contact Heat-Timer to specify the temperature range requirement when ordering. When choosing a temperature range for an application, make sure to choose a higher limit than the system maximum temperature

Furthermore, this installation manual contains discussion things like heat timer controls, manual, sensor, power, installation, probe, and source.

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