5600 Series Mechanical Heat Detector-User Manual

Many discussion such as temperature, and detector are explained in the user manual. In the user manual you can get description regarding wiring, and circuit models.

This user manual gives the reader info like mechanical heat detector, and wiring diagram. These are taken from the user manual:

o prevent the activation of the fixed temperature element, the shipping and storage temperature must not exceed 122°F (50°C). Before Installing Markings on the exterior of the detector indicate the specific activation method and temperature rating. All models are identified as either 135ºF/57ºC or 194ºF/ 90ºC. Models equipped with combination fixed temperature/rate-of-rise sensors are marked FX/ROR. Fixed temperature only models are marked FX. This detector must be installed in compliance with the control panel installation manual and meet the requirements of NFPA 72, and/or the local authority having jurisdiction.

In addition, the user manual presents discussion things like detectors, and installation.

Download 5600 Series Mechanical Heat Detector-User Manual pdf
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