6 Wire Ohms White Paper from Keithley Instruments

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Inside this white paper we can read explanation around cable, errors, resistor networks, voltage method, constant voltage, voltage, device, error, current method, resistance range, instruments, axial, additional error, current source, single resistor elements, time, precision, positive feedback, measurement system, resistors, value, constant current method, and component. Below are taken from the white paper:

The 6-wire ohms technique builds upon the industry-standard 4-wire ohms measurement technique, enhancing its performance in these applications by eliminating the effects of any shunt resistance. Creating a 6-wire ohmmeter involves adding a low impedance guard buffer with sufficient drive current to a 4-wire ohmmeter. As noted previously, both the cases described have a similar electrical equivalent, a circuit where three resistive elements are being connected in a triangular fashion. Figure 3 shows the electrical equivalent circuit when measuring resistor element R1 of the resistor network device shown in Figure 1 . Related to the resistive path caused by contamination, R1 would be the resistor under test (RUT), while R2 and RL would be the resistive equivalent of the contaminating film in Figure 2.

Even more, this white paper presents info around circuit, constant current, lead, constant voltage method, guard, lead resistance, settling, devices resistor, measurement speed, terminator, additional settling time, method, drive, common mode capacitance, output impedance, wire ohmmeter, resistor element, drive current, ideal voltage source, stage, network devices, axial resistor, and system.

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