9709 AC/DC Current Sensor Datasheet

Many explanation about temperature characteristics, humidity range, and current are presented in this datasheet. This datasheet gives the reader information about precision, measurement, and bandwidth.

Inside the datasheet we can read things like characteristics, range, and current sensor. These are chosen from the datasheet:

AC/DC CURRENT SENSOR offers superior precision on measurement of large-current, wide-bandwidth signals. Use in combination with HIOKI’s high performance power meters to achieve advanced measurement capabilities to meet a wide variety of applications in the field of electrical vehicle, inverter and fuel cell development. Ideal for comprehensive evaluation of large-current, wide-bandwidth, and high-precision inverter motors Three-phase AC control AC power source or DC power source Inverter Current input Ch. 1 to 3

Even more, this datasheet contains more things like sensor, and dc current sensor.

Download 9709 AC/DC Current Sensor Datasheet pdf
File size: 0.677 MB, number of pages: 5, download server: www.hioki.cn
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