9909 Average Temperature Sensor from Varec

Many information about multiple element, accuracy, resistance, temperature, element, and installation are explained inside the product information. The product information contains info about average temperature sensor, multiple element resistance, information, selection, product, and wire.

Inside the product information the reader can get information about sensor, elements, temperature sensor, type, housing material, and tank. The following are some excerpt from this product information:

The 9909 Average Temperature Sensor (ATS) is a multiple element resistance temperature device designed to provide the average product temperature in large bulk liquid storage tanks. The 9909 ATS provides an accurate means of measuring the temperature of the product in accordance with API 2543 standard. A combined level and temperature instrumentation solution improves management of
your inventory, such as crude oils, fuel oils, diesel fuels,gasolines and liquid gases. Overall efficiency can be increased, whether the facility is a refinery, chemical plant tank farm or di
stribution terminal.

Furthermore, the product information gives you more about housing, method, operating temperature, standard, and temperature transmitter.

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