A CMOS Smart Temperature Sensor With a 3 Inaccuracy

Inside this paper you can learn information like temperature sensor, bus, current, current sources, signal, smart, capacitors, circuit design, analog circuit design, dynamic element matching, current source, filter, circuit diagram, currents, dynamic offset, smart temperature sensor, nested chopper amplifier, voltage, and input currents. Lots of discussion such as chip temperature, matching, second order modulator, dynamic element, decimation filter, collector, chopper amplifier, transistor, circuit, bandgap voltage, emitter voltage, calibration transistor, calibration, source, nonlinearity, technology, circuits, and temperature are explained in this paper.

This paper contains explanation regarding initialization, frequency, emitter, accuracy, quantization noise, curvature, output, integrator, integrated temperature, input, sources, collector current, offset, control, process, block diagram, amplifier, and solid state circuits. Here are grabbed from this paper:

A low-cost temperature sensor with on-chip sigma-delta ADC and digital bus interface was realized in a 0.5 m CMOS process. Substrate pnp transistors are used for temperature sensing and for generating the ADC’s reference voltage. To obtain a high initial accuracy in the readout circuitry, chopper amplifiers and dynamic element matching are used. High linearity is obtained by using second-order curvature correction. With these measures, the sensor’s temperature error is dominated by spread on the base-emitter voltage of the pnp transistors. This is trimmed after packaging by comparing the sensor’s output with the die temperature measured using an extra on-chip calibration transistor. Compared to traditional calibration techniques, this procedure is much faster and therefore reduces production costs. The sensor is accurate to within 0.5 C (3 ) from 50 C to 120 C.

In addition, the paper contains more about diagram, modulator, control signal, offset cancellation, dependent current source, conversion, curvature correction, sensor, base emitter voltage, simplified circuit, interface, electronic instrumentation, resistor, element matching, chip, decimation, design, and clock.

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