A Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Technique

In the paper you can find things regarding instantaneous frequency, digital signal, electronic support, technique, response, signal amplitude, carrier, signal processor, output, frequency discriminator, implementation, dynamic range, system, and hardware. Many explanation such as estimation, carrier frequency, frequency estimation technique, digital signal processing, range, noise, spectral response, processing hardware, magnitude response, operator, performance, estimation technique, function, and signal processing are explained inside the paper.

This paper tells the reader info about accuracy, amplitude, digital, input, hardware yielding, input signal, clock rate, signal, specific requirements, frequency estimation, operational systems, digital frequency, error, and frequency measurement. Below are chosen from the paper:

In modern information and sensor systems the timely estimation of the carrier frequency of received signals is of critical importance. This paper presents the Digital Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) technique, which can measure the carrier frequency of a received waveform within a fraction of a microsecond. The resulting frequency range, resolution and accuracy of the system are scalable. The theoretical background and derivation of the technique, followed by the practical implementation of the technique on modern digital signal processing hardware will be presented. The paper concludes with functional hardware simulations as well as quantitative measurements on a prototype system.

In addition, this paper gives you more around time, simulation, clock rates, measurement, multiplication, band system, speed, frequency range, clock, filter, operation, frequency, bandwidth, and rate.

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