A Dual-Mode Thickness-Shear Quartz Pressure Sensor

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Performance requirements of pressure and temperature sensors, especially from those used in oil-fields,are very demanding. Several years of effort have been devoted to the development of a dual-mode thickness-shear quartz pressure sensor to meet such requirements. The objective of
this effort was to develop a sensor with an operating pressure range of 0-103.42 MPa
(0-15 000 Ib/in2), a temperature range of -10″ to 175″C, a pressure calibration accuracy
of 6894.8 Pa (l Ib/in2), and resolution of 68.95 Pa(0.01Iblin’) with l-S counter gate time.
Doubly rotated cuts with piezoelectric coupling to both the B- and C- modes of vibration were investigated using the theoretical models proposed by Sinha, EerNisse, and Dulmet for predicting the pressure and temperature sensitivities of different designs. Experimental results were obtained for two sensor designs: one uses a cylindrical
design with the SBTC-cut, and the other, called SPA, is a special design of resonator
vibrating around 5 MHz without any activity dips (a particular orientation called WAD-cut is employed in this design).

Additionally, the paper explains information things like orientation, vibration, force, sensing, average force, force sensitivity coefficient, mode, pressure sensitivity, resonant, sensor, design, probe structure, frequency, and forces.

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