A Nano-opto-mechanical Pressure Sensor

Lots of things like structure, shift, cross section, pressure, spectrum, resonance, waveguide, output signal, stress, deflection, mechanical pressure sensor, and system are described inside this paper. This paper presents things about resonant, power loss, ring, optics, direction, sensor, wavelength, optical pressure, pressure sensor, design, wavelength shift, and measured pressure.

Inside this paper you can get info like output, actuators, effective refractive index, devices, thickness, diaphragm thicknesses, structure layer, diaphragm thickness, loss, diaphragm, sensitivity, and silicon. Here are grabbed from the paper:

This paper reports a nano-opto-mechanical pressure sensor based on nano-scaled ring resonator. The pressure is measured through the output spectrum shift which is induced via mechanical deformation of the ring resonator. The sensitivity as high as 1.47 pm/kPa has been experimentally achieved which agrees with numerical prediction. Due to the strong variation of sensitivity with different ring radius and thickness of the diaphragm, the pressure sensor can be used to form an array structure to detect the pressure distribution in highly accurate measurement with lowcost advantages. The nano-opto-mechanical pressure sensor has potential applications such as shear stress displacement detection, pressure wave detector and pressure mapping

Giving more content, the paper explains discussion regarding displacement, mechanical pressure, signal, resonator, array, optical pressure sensors, optical fibers, function, fiber, pressure measurement, and applied pressure.

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