A Noise Shaping Accelerometer Interface Circuit

There are lots of things like quantizer gain, sensor chip, additional integrator, sigma loop, large parasitic capacitance, implementation, electrical feedback, additional stage, plate, sensor interface, input, parasitic capacitance, and circuit chip are presented in this pap. In the pap the reader can find description like interface circuit, noise gain, capacitor, additional noise shaping, simulation, sensor capacitance, spectrum, noise transfer function, loop, stage, unity gain, circuit technique, and sensor.

This pap presents discussion about amplifier, output noise, noise shaping, output spectrum, amplifier noise, accelerometer, noise, digital compensator, feedback scheme, feedback capacitance, gain, integrator, and interface circuit chip. These are grabbed from this pap:

In this paper, we introduce a two-chip implementation of a capacitive sensor interface circuit, intended especially for the accelerometer. There are several advantages to fabricating the circuits separately. First, one can use this circuit technique when there is no access to micromachining technologies, and commercial sensor must be used. Second, it is likely to provide higher yield since the micromachining process is still complicated and failure-prone. Third, one can use more advanced process for the interface circuit and use more transistors, because micromachining usually uses older processes. One can also apply this circuit for multiplexed sensors. Once a two-chip solution is obtained, it will be less challenging to generate a single-chip implementation.

Also, this pap explains info regarding micromachining technology, level, structure, circuit, interface, accelerometer sensor, feedback, frequency, parasitic capacitor, capacitance, chip, shaping, and output.

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