A Novel Electrooptical Proximity Sensor for Robotics

Inside the paper you can learn info related to motion, standard deviations, electronic interface, trajectory, multiregion calibration, design, research, proposed proximity, calibration process, circuit design, surface reflection characteristics, reflection, current, noise, fiber optic sensors, calibration, geometrical design, proximity, and utilization. There are many information such as range, dynamic range, calibration data, measurement, operating range, interface circuit, light intensity, sensing system, optical proximity, strategy algorithm, measurement range, electrical engineering, active sensing, medium range, trajectories, transducer, calibration function, and robotics are presented in the paper.

The paper contains things like laser diode, computer engineering, estimation, parameters, sensing, polynomial, robust proximity, electronic, robot, proximity sensor, function, surface reflection, surface, estimated trajectories, electrooptical proximity, distribution function, engineering, estimations, and proximity sensing. The following are excerpted from this paper:

An electrooptical proximity sensor capable of measuring the distance and two-dimensional orientation of an object’s surface is presented. The robustness of the sensor, targeted for utilization in robotic active sensing, is achieved via the development of a novel amplitude-modulated-based electrooptical transducer, an electronic-interface circuit that provides very good noise immunity and a wide dynamic operating range, and an effective multiregion calibration process that significantly improves pose-estimations at near proximities. An experimental setup was designed and implemented for the development and verification of the proposed proximity sensor in a simulated robotic environment. Experimental results using a variety of calibrated surfaces and materials are presented and discussed. It is shown that average accuracies of 0.01 mm and 0.03 can be achieved.

Also, this paper contains more such as light source, amplitude modulation, sensing grasping, electronic interface circuit, fiber optic, algorithm, sensing algorithm, calibration results, intensity, distance, technique, interface, sensor, reflection characteristics, circuit, proximity transducer, uncalibrated surfaces, and control.

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