A Review of High Voltage Measurement Techniques

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Lots of things around method, additional potential winding, pointed electrode, breakdown voltage, journal, peak value, voltage measurement, divider, electrode, divider method, spheres, lamp, delay, high voltage, lamp strikes, speed, surges, and research are described in this journal. These are grabbed from this journal:

The equipment used in power systems operate on relatively higher voltage. Also during phenomena’s like lightning etc. causing power surge the voltages tend to reach unexpected high levels. Thus it becomes of utmost important that the concerned equipment should be able to withstand such voltages so as to retain the systems efficient operation. For this to occur, High Voltage Testing which requires High Voltage Measurement becomes important. There are several ways to measure High Voltage like using direct voltmeter to measure up to 200V or by using the step down transformers. The spark over of sphere gaps and rod gaps for calibration along with potential dividers and oscilloscopes are other techniques to measure high voltages during transient period. In this paper we have tried to review various such High Voltage measurement techniques.

In addition, this journal presents info regarding visible discharge, voltmeter, series, cable, voltage waveform, constant, capacitor current method, potential divider, transient, breakdown, beam, resistance, striking voltage, voltage capacitor, voltmeter capacitance, transformer, and insulator.

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