A Sensitive Laser Sensor for Gravitational Radiation Detector

Inside this dissertation you can learn info around measurements, density, frequency, harmonic oscillator, sensor, cavity, equation, high sensitivity, radiation pressure, optimum signal, broadband detector, gravitational waves, system, gravitational wave, and brownian motion. This dissertation tells you info such as laser system, gravitational radiation detector, resonant reflector length, noise, displacement sensitivities, detector, laser field, amplitude reflectance, wave, radiation, resonance frequency, photodiode, gravitational radiation, displacement sensitivity, and sensitivity.

There are lots of things around resonant detectors, photon noise, relaxation time, power output, resonance condition, laser frequency, radiation detectors, laser power, laser sensor, steady state, antenna, radiation detector, laser displacement sensor, spectral density, and resonant are presented inside the dissertation. These are chosen from the dissertation:

The sensor described in this thesis i s an active laser sensor, in the sense that the induced displacements are coupled directly to the laser cavity. This i s in contrast to interferometric optical sensors for which the displacement induced phase shifts are external to the laser cavity. The ultimate sensitivity of detectors employing laser sensors, active or passive, is fundamentally limited by the photon noise. A comparison between detectors employing active or passive laser sensors is presented in Chapter 4. It is shown that an active laser sensor as outlined above is potentially more sensitive than passive optical sensors. In chapter 1 of this thesis, a detailed analysis of the principles of operation of the laser sensor is presented. It is shown that for p articular solutions of the system of coupled cavities being considered, the changes in the etalon length induce strong beat frequency changes.

Also, this dissertation explains discussion such as laser, reflector length, mode, displacement, laser displacement, laser cavity, motion, signal, mode selector, thesis, resonant reflector, internal mode, laser modes, laser power output, and longitudinal mode.

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