A Simple Dynamic Measurement Technique for Comparing Thermal Insulation Performances

Inside this paper we can find description regarding thermal testing, temperature, thermal conductivity, optical transient, sample, transient plane source, steady state, insulation, measurement, source, testing, rubberized concrete, thermal resistance, transient, methods, method, and thermal insulation performances. Many explanation around thermal insulation, resistance, performance, resistance measurements, experiments, thermal transmittance, effective thermal, heat flow, thermal performance, heat, techniques, heat transfer, transfer, diffusivity, steady state techniques, and measurement methods are explained inside the paper.

The paper presents discussion like transient methods, contact, operating temperatures, anisotropic building, steady state measurement, energy, heat flow meter, specimen, properties, range, standard, laser flash, plate, flow meter, conditions, flash technique, and temperature gradient. Below are chosen from the paper:

The intensive researches on development of new building materials have necessitated in situ thermal testing apparatuses in most research laboratories. Only few standardized techniques are available for accurate thermal testing of anisotropic materials, and they are generally expensive. In the present study, common thermal testing methods are reviewed in brief. A simple and inexpensive thermal testing technique is proposed. The measurement is based on analysis of transient data, which is suitable for comparing effective thermal transmittances of both isotropic and anisotropic building materials. Sample measurements with ordinary concrete and rubberized concretes are performed. The effective thermal transmittances of rubberized concretes are found to be considerably lower than that of the ordinary one.

Also, the paper presents discussion regarding thermal, thermal resistance measurements, thermal properties, sample measurements, anisotropic building materials, transient measurement, temperature sensors, effective thermal transmittances, temperature range, laser, conductivity, transient measurement techniques, cold space conditions, thermal diffusivity, insulation performances, and measurement techniques.

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