A Single-chip Proportional to Absolute Temperature Sensor Using CMOS Technology

This paper contains discussion about design, output voltage, engineering, simulation, sensitivity, sensor, sensor circuit, responds, and compensation. In this paper the reader can learn information related to response, voltage, range, temperature sensor, supply, transistor, linearity, and power supply.

Many info like technology, compensation transistor, circuit, linear, current, reference, temperature, and chip are described in the paper. These are excerpted from this paper:

Nowadays it is a trend for electronic circuit designers to integrate all system components on a single-chip. This paper proposed the design of a single-chip proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT) sensor including a voltage reference circuit using CEDEC 0.18m CMOS Technology. It is a challenge to design asingle-chip wide range linear response temperature sensor for many applications. The channel widths between the compensation transistor and the reference transistor are critical to design the PTAT temperature sensor circuit. The designed temperature sensor shows excellent linearity between −100◦ C to 200◦ and the sensitivity is about 0.05mV/ ◦ C. The chip is designed to operate with a single voltage source of 1.6V.

Furthermore, the paper presents more such as standard, voltage reference, supply voltage, power, response curve, components, system, and temperature sensors voltage.

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