AADI’s Doppler Current Sensor Datasheet (4100/4100R)

Many info such as deployment, transducer, current, supply, rs232, compass circuit, cable, circuit, reading, compass direction, circuit accuracy, sensor, and ping rates are explained in the datasheet. This datasheet contains explanation around water temperature, speed mode, sensors, compass, measurements, current measurements, accuracy, open end cable, transducers, resolution, settling time, speed, and time series.

Inside the datasheet you can find info like rate, reading unit, doppler current, tilt, dataloggers, high speed mode, interconnecting cable, data, doppler, current sensor, direction, ping rate, and doppler current sensor. The following are chosen from the datasheet:

The sensor uses the Doppler Shift principle as the basis for its measurements. Four transducers transmit short pulses (pings) of acoustic energy along narrow beams. The same transducers receive backscattered signals from scatteres that are present in the beams (0.4 to 2.2m from the sensor), which are used for calculation of the current speed and direction. The scattering particles are normally plankton, gas bubbles, organisms and particles stemming from man-made activity. After reading the internal compass circuit (Hall effect compass), the sensor is able to determine the current speed and direction. The sensor will ping towards the water current.

Also, the datasheet contains discussion regarding current direction, output, current consumption, acoustic, compass compensation, data reading, temperature sensor, dcs4100, parameters, compensation, reliable solutions, doppler shift, and temperature.

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