AAV003-10E Current Sensor-Datasheet

This datasheet tells you things about response, degauss signal, and measurement. In this datasheet you can read things about range, and current sensor.

Lots of explanation around current, magnetic field, and signal are explained in the datasheet. These are grabbed from the datasheet:

The AAV003-10E is a high linearity, extremely low hysteresis GMR current sensor with an on-chip current strap. A GMR bridge sensor element close to the current strap senses the magnetic field created by the current. The GMR sensor element uses a unique, bipolar output, low hysteresis GMR material for excellent accuracy. The four terminals of the bridge sensor are available externally. The output terminals of the bridge provide a bipolar voltage signal proportional to the current through the strap

Additionally, this datasheet presents more regarding sensor, and temperature range.

Download AAV003-10E Current Sensor-Datasheet pdf
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