ABB i-bus KNX Light Sensor, FM LF/U 2.1, 2CDG 110 089 R0011

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There are many information about brightness sensor, fibre optic ceiling, values, cable, furnished room reflection, fibre optic, light, range, brightness values, operation, and sensitivity are described inside this technical data. Below are excerpted from the technical data:

The ABB i-bus light sensor LF/U 2.1 is a brightness sensor for closed rooms. The light sensor is mounted in a standard installation box in the ceiling. The cover (white) of the sensor is stuck firmly onto the device. The complete unit is then screwed into a flush-type box. On the Light Controller LR/S x.16.1
(x = 2 or 4) up to 2 or 4 Light Sensors LF/U 2.1 can be connected. The light sensor measures brightness values in closed rooms. When combined with the detected values, the Light Controller is used for constant light control. It is possible to combine the brightness values from several Light Sensors for the calculation of an individual control circuit

Even more, the technical data tells us more around mounted device, lighting control, detection, lateral lighting, sensor, reference area, ceiling, detection range, reference, constant, and bus.

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