AC Current Sensor CS-450 / 475 and SC-550 / 575 Series

There are lots of things about accuracy, mounting, frequency, specifications, energy systems, loop, current, and product are described inside this product sheet. The product sheet presents info around output, output signal, insulation, terminals, approval frequency, transformer, current sensors, and reverse voltage.

In the product sheet we can learn info such as energy, sensors, supply, ranges, current transformer, systems, voltage, and signal. The following are taken from this product sheet:

The CS-450 / 475 and SC-550 / 575 series of AC current sensors are solid-state transducers that convert a primary circ
uit current to a proportional output signal. The sensors can monitor up to 200 Amps
continuous and feature three jumper selectable current ranges for the highest accuracy. All sensors are factory calibrated to ensure better than 1% accuracy. The CS-450 and the SC-550 are available with 0-5, 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA output signal types. The CS-475 a
nd the SC-575 feature a true RMS 4-20 mA loop-powered output signal. All models are CSA certified or UL Approved and CE compliant.

Giving more content, the product sheet explains more things like information, output approval frequency, series current sensor, screw terminals, split core, insulation class, and solid core.

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