Accurate Modular Sensor

In this catalog you can get info related to speed, signal, measurements, and self diagnostics. Many discussion related to sensors, sensor, installation, and modular are presented inside this catalog.

This catalog presents info about modular distance sensor, modular distance, distance sensor, and level signal. Here are excerpted from this catalog:

Modular Distance Sensor ONLY FROM JAMAR Works with virtually all Distance Measuring Instruments… Simplify Your DMI Installations • Simple, quick installation • Built-in self diagnostics • Modular design with only 3 plugs …including the JAMAR RAC Plus Series units. While most other Electronic Sensors will detect low level signal down to only 60-30 millivolts, the JAMAR Modular Distance Sensor will detect down to a 10 millivolt signal, thereby providing much more accurate distance measurements. SELF DIAGNOSTICS Only JAMAR Modular Distance Sensors have a SENSOR TEST button to verify that the sensor is functioning properly.

Furthermore, this catalog gives you discussion things like distance, technologies, and modular design.

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