Actuator-Sensor Interface AS-i-Bus-User Guide

This user guide presents discussion related to electric range, response, traditional sensors, and sensor. There are many explanation such as system, response time, and earthing fault detector are described in this user guide.

Inside the user guide we can get description such as actuators, power supply, and plc. Here are excerpted from this user guide:

In addition, we are providing product users and specifiers with useful information and application procedures (of which note should be taken) to ensure successful implementation of this technology. This manual is a presentation of Schneider Electric products providing a general description of their related functions within AS-i System. Detailed technical description are available whether in the User guide or in the operation instructions manual. The contents of this manual have been verified as conforming to the recommendations of the AS-i association.

Giving more content, the user guide explains more regarding sensors, the response time, and range.

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