AD1750 Ultra-Low Power, 2-Channel, Capacitance Converter as Proximity Sensor

The technical information contains information like threshold timeout, capacitance, power, sensor, circuit, condition, capacitance input, negative threshold mode, serial, power supply, overvoltage protection, voltage, input, fixed threshold mode, range, master device, threshold mode, receding timeout, and power supply monitor. Inside the technical information you can learn description like block diagram, response time, analog devices, resistance, threshold, pin, capacitance input offset, gain, interface, excitation, mode, repeated start condition, input gain, average sensitivity, fixed threshold, offset error, bit, and data.

Many things related to sensitivity, output, sensitivity data, data register, adaptive threshold, input range, input capacitance, registers, adaptive threshold mode, digital filter, serial resistance, threshold sensitivity, conversion, digital, parallel resistance, capacitive input, supply, data average, and power down timer are described in the technical information. Here are some excerpt from the technical information:

The AD7150 delivers a complete signal processing solution for capacitive proximity sensors, featuring an ultra-low power converter with fast response time. The AD7151 is a single-channel, lower power alternative to the AD7150. The AD7150 uses Analog Devices, Inc., capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) technology, which combines features
important for interfacing to real sensors, such as high input sensitivity and high tolerance of both input parasitic ground capacitance and leakage current.

Furthermore, this technical information presents more such as threshold registers, value, frequency, leakage current, setup registers, measured capacitance, sensor capacitance, pointer, positive threshold, data average response, channel, device, register, output data, capacitance input gain, parasitic resistance, supply voltage, and ground.

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