ADT7481 : A Dual Channel Temperature Sensor and Overtemperature Alarm

The product information contains info about temperature measurement, pointer, offset register, device, data format, data byte, thermal diode, clock pulse, limit, noise frequency, open circuit, temperature offset, noisy environments, consecutive alert register, diode, and registers. There are many info related to conversion rate, pin, measurement range, low temperature limit, register address, consecutive alert, alert response address, supply current, voltage, remote diode, value, range, temperature range, condition, channel, and data register are presented inside the product information.

Inside this product information you can read things regarding bit, limit low byte, circuit, byte register, measurements, data, remote sensor, remote sensing, offset binary, input, hysteresis, limit register, temperature measurement range, conversion rates, channel selector, and hysteresis value. The following are some excerpt from this product information:

The ADT7481 is a 3-channel digital thermometer and under/ over temperature alarm, intended for use in PCs and thermal management systems. It can measure its own ambient temperature or the temperature of two remote thermal diodes. These thermal diodes can be located in a CPU or GPU, or they can be discrete diode connected transistors. The ambient temperature, or the temperature of the remote thermal diode, can be accurately measured to ±1°C. The temperature measurement range defaults to 0°C to +127°C, compatible with ADM1032, but can be switched to a wider measurement range from −64°C to +191°C. The ADT7481 communicates over a 2-wire serial interface compatible with System Management Bus (SMBus) standards.

Furthermore, the product information explains info such as slave device, register, output, temperature sensor, temperature values, extended temperature, binary scale, conversion, temperature, temperature data, noise, setting, address, temperature value, and information.

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