Adura 2 Input Channels Sensor Interface Datasheet

The datasheet tells you information regarding photo sensors, energy management solution, occupancy, and sensors. In this datasheet you can find info about sensor interface, wireless, occupancy sensors, and sensor.

Lots of explanation such as lighting circuit, installation, the sensor interface, and voltage occupancy sensors are described inside this datasheet. These are grabbed from the datasheet:

Connects to occupancy sensors, taking advantage of an existing investment while transitioning to Adura’s more adaptable lighting control system Adura’s Sensor Interface adds wireless capability to industry standard low voltage occupancy sensors and photo sensors. This provides flexible control zoning and the ability to incorporate multiple control strategies in a costeffective manner. Occupancy sensing and daylighting can be combined with other control strategies, such as smart scheduling, demand response and wall control

Also, this datasheet contains information regarding interface, control system, voltage occupancy, and photocell.

Download Adura 2 Input Channels Sensor Interface Datasheet pdf
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