Advanced Differential Speed Sensor-TLE4941PlusC Datasheet

Inside this datasheet we can read info like offset, minimum power supply, digital noise, output, input, the input signal, maximum ratings, signal amplitude, threshold, self calibration, offset cancellation, supply voltage, and magnetic input. The datasheet presents explanation around absolute maximum ratings, current, sensor, calibration, operating range, wire current interface, application, power supply, output edges, magnetic compatibility, specification, and application circuit.

Many things such as magnetic input signal, circuit, the magnetic field, hall effect sensor, supply, test circuit figure, data matrix, magnetic threshold, noise constant, input signal, voltage, input signals, and zero crossing are presented inside this datasheet. Here are grabbed from this datasheet:

7 8.4 mA 11.8 14 16.8 mA 1.9 2.1 2.3 tr , tf 8 8 – – RM = 75 Ω +/-5% Tj < 125°C Tj < 170°C See Figure 6 – 120 mA/µs µA/V quasi static7) 300 µs Additional to nstart2)7) 100 td,input 22 26 90 dIx/dVDD Power up time Magnetic edges required for offset calibration Remarks us 3)7) nstart – - 4 magn.

Even more, the datasheet explains discussion regarding the digital noise, design characterization, typical diagrams, phase error, speed signal, amplitude, minimum power, electro magnetic compatibility, parameter symbol, magnetic input signals, test circuit, and the magnetic input.

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