Advanced Information about 2 Axis Magnetic Sensor Circuit HMC6042

In this manual you can find information such as magnetoresistive, magnetic field, driver circuit, gauss sensitivity, magnetic sensor, and sensitive axis. Many explanation related to sensitivity, hmc6042, axis direction, sensor, magnetoresistive sensor, and circuit are explained inside this manual.

This manual presents info around sensors, amplifiers, sensor circuit, magnetic, applications, and pulse circuit. Here are excerpted from the manual:

Just Add a 4 Small SizeInterface with ADC, Plus Two External SMTMicroController Capacitors 4 Low Cost 4 Designed for High Volume, Cost Sensitive OEM Designs 4 5 x 3.6 x 1.0mm LCC Surface Mount Package 4 Easy to Assemble & Compatible with High Speed SMT Assembly 4 Low Voltage Operations (2.4 to 3.6V) 4 Compatible for Battery Powered Applications 4 Built-In Set/Reset Drive Circuit 4 Single Logic Input for Degaussing, Thermal Drift Compensation 4 Signal Processing Flexibility 4 Feedback Pins for Gain and Bandwidth Shaping 4 Lead Free Package Construction 4 Complies with Current Environmental Standards 4 Wide Magnetic Field Range (+/-6 Oe) 4 Sensors Can Be Used in Strong Magnetic Field Environments 4 Available in Tape & Reel Packaging 4 High Volume OEM Assembly HMC6042 SPECIFICATIONS Characteristics Conditions* Min Open Loop Gain, After Set/Reset Pulses 175 VDD1 = 3.0 volts 0.75 Full Scale ±1 VDD1, VDD2 Referenced to GND 2.4 Bridge Current = 0.9mA/vol

Also, the manual presents information around axis sensitivity, magnetic sensor circuit, polarity, axis magnetic sensor, power supply, and the sensitive axis.

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