Allegro’s A1425 Analog Speed Sensor Integrated Circuit Datasheet

In this datasheet we can get explanation like device operation, band pass filter, power level, supply voltage, accuracy, information, range, speed sensor, device, magnetic field, filter capacitor, operation, and hall transducers. Lots of discussion related to power derating, filter, output, density, capacitor, supply, signal amplitude, hall elements, magnetic flux, effect, analog speed sensor, and protection are explained in this datasheet.

The datasheet contains explanation such as output signal, signal, temperature, settling time, integrated filter capacitor, high pass filter, hall effect, phase shift, microsystems, sensor, power, and switching state. Below are excerpted from the datasheet:

The A1425 AC-coupled Hall-effect sensor IC is a monolithic integrated circuit that switches in response to changing differential magnetic fields created by rotating ring magnets and, when coupled with a magnet, by ferrous targets. The device is a true zero-crossing detector: the output switches precisely when the difference in magnetic field strength between the two Hall elements is zero.

Additionally, the datasheet explains information such as circuit, power supply, zero crossing output, zero crossing, power dissipation, comparator, maximum allowable power, output voltage, characteristics, switching, voltage, and magnetic signal.

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