Alphasense Application Note AAN 009 :How Oxygen Sensors Work

The application note contains info regarding sensor, flow controlled oxygen, flow, oxygen concentration, gas, lead, flow control, mass flow control, polymer, sensor technology, nitrogen, temperature dependence, air, molecular weight, diffusion, galvanic oxygen, galvanic oxygen sensors, and transient. Lots of discussion around solid polymer membrane, load resistor, gases, mass flow, output current, dependence, capillary, controlled oxygen, oxygen, electrolyte, alphasense application, positive pressure, cathodic side, application note, applications, control, and diffusivity are described inside the application note.

Inside the application note you can learn things related to membrane, concentration, flow oxygen sensors, response time, mass flow sensors, partial pressure sensors, positive pressure step, ambient pressure, lead oxidation, temperature, control oxygen sensors, pressure, pressure dependence, sensor output, oxygen diffusion, oxygen sensors, and voltage drop. Here are some excerpt from the application note:

Most galvanic oxygen sensors use a platinum electrode to reduce the oxygen and an oxidisable lead anode to complete the electrochemical reaction. Sensor lifetime depends on the availability of lead: the oxygen sensor dies when all the lead has oxidised. The output remains nearly constant until most of the lead is oxidised so oxygen sensor end of life due to consumption of the anode cannot be predicted until about three weeks before the anode is exhausted. The most common electrolyte in oxygen sensors is potassium hydroxide (KOH): lead oxidation is best controlled in an electrolyte with a pH between 10 and 12.

Even more, the application note explains info such as technology, pressure step, current, mass, lead anode, application, pressure sensors, anode, output, flow sensors, response, molecules, rate, solid polymer, partial pressure, drop, and voltage.

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