Ambient Light Sensor ICs from ROHM Semiconductor

This selection guide contains information such as resolution, window, performance, voltage, measurement range, range, variation, bit, baseband processor, equipped portable, power supply, rohm semiconductor, information, processor, power, selection, light output, optical window, illuminance measurement range, stable output, devices, control, and proprietary trimming. Lots of explanation like equipment, sensitivity, trimming, source, current source, measurement, portable devices, compact surface, operation, power supply voltage, light sensing, optical noise, guide, output, window design, temperature range, light, automatic light, package, automatic light control, temperature, sampling time, and design are explained in the selection guide.

In this selection guide we can read things around level, analog output, systems, light sensor, display, ambient light, switching, superior light sensing, sensitivity variation, sensor, equipped portable devices, light control, function, multiple photodiodes, gain switching, evaluation kits, semiconductor, power consumption, output current, light sources, supply voltage, operating temperature range, and type. The following are excerpted from this selection guide:

Improved Visibility with Lower Power Consumption Adjusting the backlight intensity to compensate for variations in ambient light level can save 50% or more of the total between charges (“talk time”) and/or the light sources. ROHM ALS ICs feature ability to extend the device’s feature set. industry-leading performance that To provide superior performance, combines stable operation regardless power required to operate some portable backlight brightness control must be of the light source (from incandescent electronic devices. This translates into done in a uniform way over a wide to sunlight) with superior light sensing dramatic improvement in operating time range of ambient light conditions and accuracy.

Even more, the selection guide presents info regarding ambient light sensor, current, brightness, backlight intensity, analog, selection guide, operating temperature, uniform sensitivity, supply, gain, microcontroller, light level, illuminance measurement, time, stable operation, input, illuminance, driver, serial output, light source, accuracy, and baseband.

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