An Embedded For ce Sensor for Refiner Plate Clash Detection

In this paper we can learn info related to accelerometer system, motor, accelerometer based system, adaptive threshold, experiments, signal processing, introduction, lead time, plate protection, methods, clash detection, density, force, and sensors. The paper tells the reader info related to offset figure, detection system, peak density method, performance, lead, peak detection, detection performance, plate protection system, method, based system, signals, accelerometer, and plate clash detection.

There are many things regarding running average method, data processing strategy, refining zone, accelerometer signal, sampling rate, data, threshold, detection methods, high sampling, offset, combined running average, accelerometer based method, detection, and protection system are explained inside the paper. Here are taken from this paper:

Plate clash in disc refiners continues to detract from the efficiency of mills, reducing plate life and affecting production. The work presented here examines the potential of a piezoelectric-based force sensor for clash prediction. Four sensors were installed in an operational reject refiner over a three-month period at the Catalyst Paper mill in Port Alberni, B.C., Canada. Signals from these sensors were processed for prediction of plate clash and the results were compared to the accelerometer-based plate protection system currently in use at the mill. The force sensors consistently gave advanced warning of a clash event, many seconds before the accelerometer. A sensitivity study showed that the new system was able to outperform the accelerometer system over a range of detection settings, and that the accelerometer could not be tuned to match the performance of the new system.

In addition, this paper explains information around offset value, normal force signals, port, weighted peak density, plate, installation, segment, sensitivity, first running average, shear force, force signals, alarm offset, and effect.

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