An Impact Force Compensation Algorithm Based on a Piezo Force Sensor

In the pap we can get things like detection algorithm, compensation, hybrid, design, measurement, force reduction, mode, capillary, desired position, piezo force sensor, digital notch, timing factor, automatic drift, force bonding, time, wire bonding process, loop system, drift compensation, proposed algorithm, and proposed impact. There are many info regarding impact force compensation, bonding force, velocity, sensor, axis, impact force, cancellation, location, algorithm, diagram, engineering, wire bonding, position force, productivity, signal, hybrid position, filter, damping coefficient, closed loop, and output are presented inside this pap.

The pap gives us discussion about impedance model, bonding time, system, impact force profile, semiconductor, expected productivity, drift cancellation, capillary contact, speed, quality, gold wire, capture timing, frequency, bonding process, amplifier, compensating algorithm, impedance, control gain, microelectronics reliability, and signal flow. These are taken from this pap:

Impact force control is a key factor in wire bonding processes affecting the overall quality of the product and productivity of the process. This paper presents an impact force compensation algorithm designed for gold wire bonding processes, which uses a piezo force sensor and contains a new algorithm design to reduce the impact force of the capillary when it contacts a silicon pad. This compensation algorithm was developed from an impedance model of the contact between the capillary and pad, and includes automatic drift cancellation calculations for the piezo force sensor. A flat-top impact force profile was achieved using this algorithm with the piezo force sensor attached to the Z-axis of the wire bonder. Tests were used to demonstrate that the proposed algorithm reduced the impact force dramatically, which is particularly important in fine pitch wire bonding processes.

Even more, the pap contains discussion around proposed impact force, channel, bonding, automatic drift cancellation, compensation algorithm, productivity improvements, drift, velocity control, control, notch filters, force, reflective force, impact, external load cell, bond, gold wire bonding, control engineering, closed loop system, and force compensation.

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