AN506 Dolphin Internal Temperature Sensor Calibration

Many things such as temperature sensor, source, temperature slope, voltage, measurement values, sensor calibration, measurement, calibration, and application are explained in this technical note. This technical note contains discussion regarding configuration, temperature calibration, module configuration area, calibration process, calibrated thermometer, application, ambient temperature, and temperature.

Inside the technical note we can get explanation around code, thermometer, module, interface, calibrated voltage, application note, constant, and modifications. The following are grabbed from this technical note:

The calibration process has to be performed in a constant ambient temperature environment. The ambient temperature has to be in range 23°C + 5°C. As a reference measurement a high sensitivity calibrated thermometer can be used with accuracy maximum +0.3°C. It has to be ensured that the chip/module is not pre-heated with an extensive application execution. The measurement of the calibrated temperature T cal is realized by measuring the chip/module surface temperature. At the same time the internal temperature sensor voltage has to be sampled. This measurement determines the calibrated voltage from the internal temperature sensor Vmeas_cal. It is recommended to perform several measurements and to take the average value as the reference.

Furthermore, this technical note tells the reader discussion such as process, procedure, temperature sensor calibration, module configuration, sensor, slope, calibration procedure, and value.

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