Analog Pressure Sensor Interfacing

In this application note the reader can get things around adc, software, dynamic range, adcs dynamic range, temperature coefficient, temperature, offset, dependency, instrumentation amplifier, interface circuit, and output. This application note contains things such as compensation, bridge, accuracy, range, calibration, variations, coefficients, circuit, interface, instrumentation, and temperature measurement.

Many things regarding voltage, circuits, pressure sensors, calibration compensation, interfacing, supply, sensor properties, biasing, calibration coefficients, temperature dependency, and resistance are described inside the application note. Here are excerpted from the application note:

The sensor properties specified by Intersema are as follows: • Span • • • • • Offset TCSpan TCOffset Rbridge TCRbridge Swing in differential voltage VOp -VOm at T=25C, Vbias=5V for a pressure change from 0mbar to the specified FSR Differential output voltage VOp -VOm at T=25°C, Vbias=5V at p=0mbar Temperature Coefficient in ppm/K of the Span Temperature Coefficient of the Offset in uV/K Resistance between VS and GND (Vs positive!!) for Ooutput+ and Output- floating Temperature coefficient of bridge resistance in ppm/K All of these properties are subject to process tolerances and thus vary from sensor to sensor.

Additionally, this application note gives you more about pressure, measurement, voltage divider, analog sensor, gain, sensor, supply voltage, sensor interfacing, bridge resistance, analog sensor interfacing, and differential gain.

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