Analysis of the Output Noise of a DFB Fiber Laser Sensor

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Many explanation like current, fiber laser sensor, stimulated transition, amplified spontaneous, frequency bandwidth, fiber, amplified spontaneous emission, bandwidth, laser signal, photodiode, aeronautical application, output signal, and signal are explained in the journal. Below are selected from this journal:

The results of a theoretical analysis of the output noise generated by the DFB fiber laser sensor with applications mainly in the field of the aeronautical applications are presented. The main purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the magnitude of the DFB fiber laser sensor output noise. This evaluation is necessary for a proper design of the sensor, especially regarding sensitivity and dynamic range. It is demonstrated that the main source of DFB fiber laser sensor output noise is constituted by the Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) of the fiber amplifier. An extended range of linear response was achieved optimizing the sensor parameters. ASE noise level was brought to an acceptable level. Judging the time response, the designed sensor acts like a high fidelity recorder.

Additionally, the journal explains more things like doped fiber, simulation, energy, power, noise, amplifiers, population inversion, electrical signal, photodiode current, spontaneous emission, local oscillator, and pumping wavelength.

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