Apogee’s O2S Oxygen Sensor Owners Manual

This owner’s manual tells the reader discussion such as thermistor, calibration, concentration, power, current, o2, datalogger, and galvanic cell. In the owner’s manual the reader can get description like life expectancy, oxygen concentration, partial pressure, oxygen sensor, oxygen, storage, temperature, and excitation for thermistor.

Lots of discussion such as multiplier, teflon membrane, datalogger program, sensor, storage temperature, humidity, analog ground, and pressure are explained in this owner’s manual. These are taken from the owner’s manual:

Model: O2S -D or -F -S or -FR -TM or -TC model O2S-F-S-TC Additional information and a sample datalogger program for Campbell Scientific Dataloggers can be found at our website at: http://www.apogee-inst.com/oxygen_sensor.htm 1 Wiring for O2 sensor with thermistor (-TM) High side of differential channel (positive lead for sensor) black Low side of differential channel (negative lead for sensor) clear Analog ground (for sensor) green Single-ended channel (Positive lead for thermistor) orange Analog ground (negative lead for thermistor) Using the Sensor red white Excitation channel (excitation for thermistor) Yellow 12V port (positive lead for heater) Blue Ground (negative lead for heater) For the most stable reading, the sensor should be used with the sensor opening facing down.

Furthermore, this owner’s manual contains info such as wiring, barometric pressure, thermocouple, heater, soil sensor, ground, and lead for thermocouple.

Download Apogee’s O2S Oxygen Sensor Owners Manual pdf
File size: 2.495 MB, number of pages: 4, download server: www.apogeeinstruments.com
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