Application Guide for Pressure sensor (Sender or Transduscer)

Lots of information about pressure transducer, pressure, application, and absolute barometer pressure are described inside the application guide. The application guide gives the reader info related to pressure sensors, barometer pressure, pressure sensor, and atmosphere pressure.

Inside this application guide you can learn things related to sensor, barometer, resistive sensor, and the pressure transducer. Here are excerpted from the application guide:

For the resistive sensor, the pressure change is converted into a resistance change of the sensor. This type of sensor is not very accurate . It is sensitive to the temperature change also. It can be used for warning purpose but not accurate enough for most control applications. It is mostly used for engine pressure and fuel pressure. SYL-1812 can be set for 0-375 ohm pressure sensor. All VDO resistive pressure sensors are in this range. They should work with the SYL-1812. We believe other manufacture’s product will be the same.

Also, the application guide presents discussion regarding sensors, precision, pressure standard, and transducer.

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