Application Note About Advanced Phase Noise and Transient Measurement Technique

Inside this application note the reader can find things like measurement sensitivity, signal sources, phase noise measurement, circuits, synthesizer, signals, noise measurements, measurement, the signal source, and measurement techniques. This application note presents discussion like the measurement process, reference source, analyzer, frequency resolution, time resolution, measurement method, signal source analyzer, signal source, offset, and noise measurement techniques.

There are lots of information about noise measurement sensitivity, modulation, source analyzer, resolution, measurements, measurement needs, signal, system noise, phase noise measurements, and noise are presented inside the application note. Here are taken from this application note:

The Agilent E5052A signal source analyzer is designed to help R&D and manufacturing engineers across a wide range of electronic industries perform signal source tests more accurately, at lower cost, with unprecedented simplicity. SSA provides a complete set of measurement functions for full characterization of signal sources. Each of the SSA’s measurement functions delivers performance that is comparable to or exceeds that of conventional dedicated test instruments and systems. This document describes conventional signal source measurement techniques and the advanced measurement techniques of Agilent’s SSA:

Also, the application note gives us info about phase noise sensitivity, noise measurement, calibration, noise sensitivity, performance, phase noise, oscillators, frequency, phase, and sensitivity.

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