Application Note About Advantages of 841 Current Sensing Relay

In this application note you can learn info about time delay, characteristics, voltage range, and voltage. Lots of things around input voltage, current, and range are explained inside this application note.

The application note gives the reader info such as current sensor, circuit, current sensing, and relay. The following are excerpted from the application note:

Advantages of the 841 Current Sensing Relay Output Indication Red LED Light. Input Indication Green LED Light. Current Sensing Adjustment Knob Sense Anywhere from 10% to 100% of the Rated Sensing Current. Time delay Delay the Transfer of Contacts from 0 to 10 Secs. SECTION 5 Input Terminals Accepts up to a 14 AWG Wire. DIN Rail Mounting Mounts Directly On a DIN Rail. 5/10 Magnecraft Solution Guide 105A The 841 Current Sensor Series is a complete current sensing solution in one modular package which mounts directly to a DIN rail. This product allows the user to monitor the current of one circuit (1 to 8 amps) and switch another circuit in case of an over current or under current condition.

Also, the application note contains info things like current sensing relay, sensing range, and input.

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