Application Note About Automated Linearization of Sensor Circuit

Inside this application note the reader can learn information such as signal conditioning, temperature sensor, amplifier, pressure transducer, interface, signal, voltage, excitation voltage, and sensor signal. Many discussion around sensor signal condition, potentiometer voltage, linearization, transducer, sensor, excitation, circuits, and sensor signal conditioning are explained inside the application note.

This application note presents explanation about signal condition, decrementing, output, transducer signal, application, i2c, signal conditioning circuit, and calibration. Here are some excerpt from the application note:

COMMAND SENT I2C COMMENTS BOARD MEASUREMENTS (SERVO) DCP_Volatile_Write The actual zero offset voltage is measured via the Set up initial potentiometer wiper position and X4023x voltage monitor pin and pulls the V2FAIL signal continue to send this command with different wiper positions until the desire voltage is attained pin low if the measured voltage has not reached the desired voltage DCP_Nonvolatile_Write Save the optimum wiper position to EEPROM memory so on power up position is restored Once the V2FAIL signal goes HIGH this indicates that the desire voltage has been reached (within a level of accuracy).

Also, this application note contains discussion regarding conditioning, conditioning circuit, pressure, incrementing, detection, condition circuit, bridge excitation, and circuit.

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