Application Note About Current Sensing Using Linear Hall Sensor

This application note contains discussion about circuit, the flux density, hall effect, the magnetic flux, resolution, the spc protocol, permeability, and design. There are many information regarding sensitivity errors, sensor, accuracy, the sensor output, errors, hall sensors, range, and protocol are presented in the application note.

Inside the application note you can get info regarding digital signal, sensitivity, loop current sensor, current sensing, the measurement range, flux density, current sensors, and current. The following are taken from the application note:

This application note is dedicated to current sensing using Hall effect sensors. Electric current is an important physical quantity and its measurement is required in many applications, be it in industrial, automotive or household fields. Different technical solutions to measure currents are known and are found on the market. We are trying to give an overview of important measurement techniques and show their respective advantages and disadvantages. It turns out that due to galvanic isolation between the sensed circuit and the measuring circuitry, current sensing using Hall effect ICs is a good choice for many applications. Accordingly, we present in more detail Infineon’s linear Hall sensor products suitable for current sensing modules. The next section looks into some design aspects for current sensor designs with Hall effect sensors, including choices of flux concentrator types, designs and materials.

Furthermore, the application note gives you info about current sensor, magnetic flux, linear hall sensors, offset errors, current measurement, sensors, and density.

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