Application Note About Discrete Circuit for Magneto-Inductive Sensors

Lots of explanation such as oscillator, comparator, sensor circuit, measurement, and sensor are presented in the application note. This application note presents info like signal conditioning, sensors, inductive sensors, magnetic, and magnetic data.

Inside this application note we can get description regarding discrete circuit, inductive, magneto inductive sensors, the measurement process, and magnetic field. The following are some excerpt from this application note:

iscrete Circuit for Magneto-Inductive Sensors Introduction PNI Corporation’s Magneto-Inductive (MI) sensors are based on patented technology that delivers breakthrough, cost-effective magnetic field sensing performance. These sensors change inductance with different applied magnetic fields. This variable inductance property is used in a patented temperature and noise stabilized oscillator/counter circuit to detect field variations. PNI Corporation’s sensors employ a single solenoid winding for each axis and consume roughly an order of magnitude less power than conventional fluxgate or magneto-resistive technologies.

Furthermore, the application note tells us discussion around square wave, microprocessor, the sensor circuit, and axis sensor.

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