Application Note About Image Sensor Interface

This application note contains things like memory, pixel data, ethernet, device, interface module, image, and data. Many discussion related to sensor, sensor port, module, sensor programming, state machine, and pattern are explained inside this application note.

Inside this application note you can read explanation related to sensor interface module, machine, cameras, diaplous sensor interface, the ahb bus, and sensor interface. Below are taken from this application note:

Image Sensor Interface Product Outline CMOS Image Sensor Readout Module The Diaplous Sensor Interface module is an AMBA® 2 AHB™ compliant interface for connecting CMOS image sensors. Status Bits, Control Bits through AHB ● ● ● ● FPGA with RISC Core, Ethernet 10/100 MAC, Sensor Interface, I2C, Memory Interface Memories (SDRAM & Flash) Ethernet Phy & Connector 3Mpixel Color Image Sensor Example Image Aquired using the Diaplous Sensor Interface module attached to a Micron CMOS sensor: Distributor & Sales: Think Silicon Ltd.

In addition, the application note gives the reader info about interface, applications, interface state machine, image sensor, fpga, and cmos sensor.

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