Application Note About Liquid Level Control Using a Pressure Sensor

This application note presents info regarding output voltage, the sensor signal, pressure range, liquid level monitoring, temperature compensation, information, liquid, application, and pressure. In the application note we can read info regarding amplifier, gain, sensor output, module, the pressure sensor, the sensor voltage, range, and pressure port.

Many info about sensor, the reference level, sensors, the sensor output, level, pressure sensor, the positive pressure, and piezoresistive pressure sensor are presented inside this application note. Below are chosen from the application note:

Discrete Products provide a complete solution for designing a low cost system for direct and accurate liquid level control using an ac powered pump or solenoid valve. This circuit approach which exclusively uses Freescale semiconductor parts, incorporates a piezoresistive pressure sensor with on-chip temperature compensation and a new solid-state relay with an integrated power triac, to drive directly the liquid level control equipment from the domestic 110/220V 50/60 Hz ac main power line.

Giving more content, the application note tells the reader more things like signal, resolution, piezoresistive pressure, the output voltage, circuit, resistor, level monitoring, and reference voltage.

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