Application Note About Liquid Level Monitoring Using A Pressure Sensor

Inside the application note we can learn info regarding instrumentation amplifier, comparator, and an instrumentation amplifier. This application note gives us explanation regarding sensor reference, range, and pressure sensor.

There are many information related to signal, the pressure sensor, and level monitoring are explained in this application note. The following are excerpted from this application note:

L iquid-level monitoring plays an important role in today’s automotive, oil, water, pressure, and gas industries, to name a few. For example, pumping oil into a storage tank requires liquid-level monitoring to prevent spillage. Draining liquid out of a silo into bottles also requires liquidlevel monitoring for volume control. This article will explain how to automate a liquid monitoring system using a pressure sensor. Since obtaining the pressure is just one vital piece of the information, how to convert the sensor’s output voltage into the liquid’s height using an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) will also be explained.

Even more, the application note explains information about liquid monitoring system, the instrumentation amplifier, and equations.

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