Application Note About Piezoresistive Absolute Pressure Sensors in Thick Film Technology

Many things about temperature sensor, resistance, temperature range, output voltage, accuracy, output, and pressures are presented in the application note. Inside the application note we can get explanation such as circuit, pressure measuring error, measurement, characteristic, pressure sensor, sensor characteristic curve, and measuring range.

This application note presents discussion like output signal, micromechanical, absolute pressure sensors, pressure, sensors, integrated temperature sensor, and characteristic curves. Below are excerpted from this application note:

A Pressure sensors B Piezoresistive absolute-pressure sensors in thick-film technology Measurement of pressures in gases up to 250 kPa p U b Thick-film pressuremeasuring element ensures a high degree of measurement sensitivity. b Thick-film sensor element and IC on the same substrate guarantee problem-free signal transmission. b Integrated evaluation circuit for signal amplification, temperature compensation, and characteristic-curve adjustment b Sensor enclosed by robust housing. Design and function The heart of this sensor is the “sensor bubble” (pressure-measuring element) produced using 100% thick-film techniques. It is hermetically sealed on a ceramic substrate and contains a given volume of air at a reference pressure of approx. 20 kPa.

Giving more content, this application note presents information around sensor, characteristic curve, pressure sensors, integral temperature sensor, sensor characteristic, and the characteristic curve.

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